Saturday, March 22, 2008

Qualifying - Round 2 Sepang, Malaysia

Good friday wishes to all and happy holi to all Indians around the world..

I missed the qualifying last night(1 AM again!!) due to lack of sleep and partial hysteria(LOL). But I did record it and watched it over and over again. Some of my comments -
* the format just sucks, particularly the time interval in the final part. Look what it did,

Remember Massa was handed a penalty of getting his best lap invalidated in a similar incident in Monaco, 06. Wonder what positions would the McLarans have been if this was again the case, but then, now Truli is 3rd and Hiedfeld, Kubica following the top 3, I am happy :)

* Truli again showed that he is a great qualifying driver, wonder if the new Toyota will run through the race and get the man some points,

* What happened to Nico Mr. Rosberg? I know he was keeping his fingers crossed because Williams were not so good in straights and it translated to his 16th place on the grid.

* Vettel proving his smooth driving (anyone watching his flying laps and last left hander turning would agree), and given a better car, he'd give the top drivers a run for money

* The scarlet bullets showing their anger from the dismal Aussie performance by hitting the top 2 spots

It was interesting one and I liked it.

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