Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I had mixed reactions for the Bahrain GP. I didn't want to write more, since, after the first two GP posts, I found I did not pose enough knowledge about F1 as one writer should have, but that doesn't stop anyone from writing a big comment, does it?

As ever, I am a fan of the scarlet bullets and the Munich team. Everyone seems to be jumping on the Beemer bandwagon which is understandable, since many want to associate themselves to a winner, and many are bored with the two teams
that have been front runners since 10000 BC. I would like to let all know that I was putting money on Nick Hiedfeld (including him in my fantasy team) even last year, Like Clive has put down, 'more courage in convictions needed, ladies and gentlemen'.
I was reading F1 Punter's blog, and his thoughts about fuel loads were really interesting, I need to take something like that with me when I form my next fantasy team.

Will Kubica take the fight till the end? I think we'd get the answer probably one or two races into the European cluster.
Will Hiedfeld repeat his overtaking maneuvers again this season? Wait and watch, and I have a feeling he would be more competitive as the season progresses, may be a shot at the title, who knows?
I think the performance reflects the drivers’ confidence in the team and inner joy they have when driving a far superior car than they have in the past. Quick Nick is proving his point, Kubica is showing his mettle. Kudos to Mr.Thiessen for the work that has gone into the car. Enough of the beemer superiority rants.
When talking about Massa, all I could think of is that he needs to take some ADD pills to keep his concentration in the track throughout the hour and a half. If he does, he is a great title contender. Kimi is showing his ever fine driving.
As with everyone I got sidetracked during the initial moments of the race, the Lewis-Alonso caressing, was angry with Alonso for brake testing Lewis who is a race winner(!) with the mighty McLaran (!), but then when we came to know the wing damage was the cause, all my comments were thrown to the trash bin.

Still Kovi has not impressed many with his attitude and style, and I think it is because of his armor he is showing a good form.
Leave the Red Bulls and Toyotas, come to Force India, a practically defunct team last season, bought by VJ, and recruiting Fisi, I think they are in the right path, taking a fight to lower midfielders of Honda, Red Bulls et al. Thinking of the speed competition he had with Lewis, I can do nothing but get amazed at his driving. I think he’d have a time of his life if Force India continues it’s progress at this rate (how long it has been since he was the number 1 driver in his team?).
Waiting for the Barcelona race, 17 more days to go. 